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After winning the ball point pen and NIB steel, the core technology of Chinese pen has been further broken
- May 13, 2017 -

After winning the ball point pen and NIB steel, the core technology of Chinese pen has been further broken

The pen ask "the China traditional manufacturing pain, has triggered widespread hot.

Today, the ball point pen returns to the public view again, because our country has made the breakthrough progress in the pen making industry, the core technology and so on. After overcoming the problem of NIB steel in China, the core technology of Chinese pens has got the problem of writing production equipment, and successfully developed the 24 position pen head machine, which has also been exported to Malaysia and other countries.

  On March 9th, the twelve session of the CPPCC National Committee held its second plenary session at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, and more than five members of the CPPCC National Committee made speeches on the related issues. Among them, the CPPCC National Committee, vice president and Secretary General of the China Electronics Society, China Association for science and technology standing committee Xu Xiaolan for the "ball point pen" answer.

 会上,徐晓兰委员作《小小一支笔 谱写大文章》的发言

At the meeting, Xu Xiaolan made a speech as "a little pen and write a big article"

Xu Xiaolan said, Chinese has been at the forefront of the world in the high performance computer, manned spaceflight and lunar exploration, quantum communication, manned diving, high-speed rail and other areas, but why even a small pen head made out? To this end, in 2010, she took the same doubts, participated in the CPPCC National Organization "pens industry core technology and key components localization issues" special investigation.

After investigation, a group of "embarrassment" data placed in front of the research group that is fully deserve Chinese pens big country, there are more than 3 thousand pens enterprises, with an annual output of about 40000000000 pens, accounting for 80% of the global market share, per capita in the world with 6 pen. But it has long been in the low end of the value chain of the pen making industry. The core technology, key materials and processing equipment of pens are highly dependent on imports. The ball pen for example, 90% point ball imports 80% of the ink will have to import from countries such as Japan and South Korea, the nib tee body production equipment are all imported from Switzerland, Japan and other countries.

More people worried that without the ability of free cutting stainless steel wire rod production NIB tee body required, serious overcapacity in the steel under the condition of high quality steel every year in our country still need to import special category. Xu Xiaolan said, "ball point pen", torture is China's traditional manufacturing upgrade problems.


Under the active promotion of the CPPCC National Committee, in 2011, the Ministry of science and technology allocated about 50000000 yuan to tackle key technologies and key components of ball point pens.

After 5 years of unremitting efforts, there have been three core technologies to achieve the "no" to "have" breakthrough:

First, conquer the production technology of NIB steel. And domestic enterprises also fully mastered the pen steel large-scale production of key technologies. In 2016 1-9 months, has successfully produced 120 tons of qualified pen steel, began in the well-known domestic pen processing and pen enterprises to promote the application.

In January 2017, Shanxi Taiyuan iron and Steel Group, which lasted 5 years, successfully developed the "super easy cutting steel wire" used for ball point headers. It broke the situation that the imported raw materials of ball point pen depend on imports.

Two is a written production equipment to achieve a breakthrough. Successfully developed the 24 position pen head machine, which has been exported to Malaysia at the same time. It has changed the pen pens industry's long-term dependence on imports.

Three is domestic ink, and gradually promote the application. Neutral, water-based, oil ball point pen ink has come close to the international advanced level, especially water, oil ball point pen ink has realized batch quantity instead of import, and began to export.

Xu Xiaolan suggested, "only innovation can push China from a" sweat economy "to a 'smart economy'." The State shall, according to the gaps and short boards, prepare catalogues for key industrial technical research, provide special support funds, and draw up road maps and timetables. She also called for community organizations and leading enterprises to be bold in basic materials and manufacturing processes, and dare to use their own products".


Workers work on the pen steel wire production line

Suzhou true color stationery 20 years to create domestic enterprises "head machine"

According to the observer network query, the multi position pen head machine is the most difficult and most technically advanced project.

As China pen industry leader, true color stationery in 1994 produced the first domestic neutral pen, research began in 2005 to enhance the pen core technology, cross industry engaged in pen and ink processing equipment, independent research and development. In 2010, the Ministry of science and technology of the project coincides with the organization of industry of high precision multi station machine tool, written materials such as pen field research, always stare in the field of true color stationery undertook development tasks written and written material processing machine.

True color stationery in the development process, problems one by one. First of all, what material should be solved?. Special nodular cast iron has been identified by repeated analysis and experiments. Then there is the problem of disc processing equipment. Then the machining accuracy of power head multi station machine tools, especially the dynamic precision problem......

Chairman of Shanghai Limited by Share Ltd Huang Xiaoxi true color stationery and years of companions going to a world famous pen equipment enterprises, enterprises with the experts to make friends, to master the core design concepts, such as oil and gas suspension disc processing system, such as dynamic balance system.

By the end of 2011, the Ministry of science and technology on key materials and equipment instrument industry research and industrial technology of national science and technology support plan, vigorously promote the development of color pen station processing equipment, true color stationery to continue to overcome difficulties, developed two prototypes in December 2014 successfully passed the national acceptance, made a number of technological breakthroughs. And break the international monopoly in ultra precision machining method, high precision, high reliability and long-life gas suspension system and the rotating disc advanced dynamic balance system of complete localization, to solve the major technical problems of multi axis eccentric steel system etc..

In 2016, the Ministry of science and technology sponsored by the "12th Five-Year" science and Technology Innovation Exhibition, as Chinese pen industry leader in true color stationery Limited by Share Ltd, research and design of the color COREX high precision multi station machine written impressively. After identification, this equipment in the technical breakthroughs and achievements to fill the gap in the country, and reached the international advanced level.

From design and development to the acceptance by the state, from production to export to Malaysia, India and other countries, the true color COREX high precision multi station head processing equipment is not only the true color stationery self breakthrough of the witness, but also changed the pen pen industry long-term dependence on imports of.

When Huang Xiaoxi said that at present the true color stationery to use domestic equipment and production of domestic raw materials production will gradually increase the proportion of ball pen. He said that with the national pens enterprises will project, the machine mass into the domestic ball pen material, is expected after 5 years of domestic ball pen is expected to occupy 80% of the domestic market share, will fully replace imported machines and raw materials.


  It is understood that in addition to the pen industry, while the device is suitable for mobile phone, cars, bicycles, watches, medical, electronics, and many other parts of the gas nozzle of high precision and large demand for industrial production, the industry market capacity is far more than the pen industry. A number of technological breakthroughs made in the true color stationery small parts with high efficiency and high precision processing technology, will greatly enhance the processing capacity and the level of Chinese micro parts.

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