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China historical process of the ballpoint pens
- Aug 10, 2017 -

      圆珠笔 (Ball Point Pen), or atomic pen, is the use of dry thick ink, relying on the pen on the free rotation of the ball out to write to the paper on a writing tool. Ballpoint pen with a simple structure, easy to carry, writing lubrication, and suitable for the purpose of rewriting, etc., so from the school students to the office of the civilian staff and other people are happy to use.

      A ball-point pen is a pen that uses tiny revolving beads, made of brass, steel, or tungsten carbide, which can release ink on paper when writing. Ball pen with its predecessors - reed pen, quill pen, metal pen tip pen and tap pen is very different.

Why China can not create a ball-point pen beads?c9fcc3cec3fdfc03e35682cad33f8794a4c22691.jpg

      Recently, "China can not make a small ball pen pen beads" become a hot topic of Internet users. China's annual output of more than 400 billion pen ball, is a well-deserved pen big country, but a large number of ball-point pen "ball" but need to import. The production of ball body on the head, whether it is equipment or raw materials, have long been in the hands of Switzerland, Japan and other countries.

What is the ball of the ballpoint pen?

     The tip of the ball need to use hard wear-resistant materials made of the most commonly used materials are stainless steel and tungsten carbide, the latter better quality. Tungsten carbide is composed of tungsten and carbon compounds, are carbide material, black hexagonal crystal, hardness and diamond similar to the chemical stability, is a good electric and heat conductor.

Why can not China make beads?

      The experts said that every little deviation will affect the writing fluency and service life, the tip of the opening thickness of less than 0.1 mm, but also taking into account the writing angle and pressure, beads and pen, ink groove must match Was "seamless", processing error can not exceed 0.003 mm.

Chinese name: 圆珠笔(yuan zhu bi) English name: Ball Point Pen

Nickname: atomic pen, beads pen,    BAK advantages: simple structure, easy to carry, writing lubrication

Components: brass, steel, tungsten carbide