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2014 Customized Notebooks In China Enterprises
- Aug 19, 2015 -

Custom notebook firms have a comparative cost advantage of China on price competition formed a strong support. Generally, the price advantages from economies of scale. Established under the cost conditions, no economies of scale, it's hard to have the price advantage. Custom laptop the average size of enterprises in China is very small, scale is not obvious. Industry, the cost advantage of Chinese companies relative to similar companies in Europe and America are to a large extent as a result of cost differences. For example, cheap and a lot of surplus labor in China (China labor costs per hour less than United States 4%) and relatively lax environmental regulations and policies, low land costs, have made customized notebooks enterprises in China has a relative comparative cost advantage, and ultimately reflected in the product's price.

Homogeneity of price competition is most of the times the way they compete. Essentially, a stationery products for consumer goods, industries and enterprises into the low threshold, production equipment and technology is relatively simple, homogenization of products is widespread. Due to the low threshold into, there are more than more than 3,000 types of products manufacturing enterprises in China, average output value of enterprises at around RMB 4 million, the vast majority of enterprises, to SMEs. From the product, order notebook business products in China to simulate the manufacturing, master very few custom notebook core and key technologies of enterprises, really not much with the core competitiveness of enterprises.