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2014: The Stationery Import And Export Growth
- Aug 19, 2015 -

This year, to 227 countries around the world in China and export culture, Office supplies, sporting goods, game apparatus and recreational supplies and paper products having 108 tax number of sporting goods. Export to Asia, Europe and North America three continents have the upper hand. Future sports goods exports are also expected to continue steady growth.

Steady growth of exports in the first half

Has been said that first half of the year, stationery products export in China's sustained and steady growth. Seen from the export growth, exports to Asia, Europe and Oceania in the first half of this year to keep growth, respectively, and 11.53% and 2.43%; in Africa, North America and Latin America were different in export growth declined. Traditional trade continues to occupy an important position in the market, ASEAN, Korea and other emerging markets growth in exports, and the BRICs, Brazil, and Russia also further growth in exports. Although stationery export environment no longer boom, with growth in labor costs, manufacturing industries moving South-East, stationery industry growth has been less well than the fast-growing, but OEM skilled technology and production lines have received most attention overseas visitors.