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2015, Chinese Stationery Industry Trend Analysis
- Aug 19, 2015 -

China has become an important manufacturing base for global stationery. In size at the same time, technology has also greatly improved, with Europe, Japan and other countries compared to manufacturing technology, process design, product development and other aspects are still lags behind. With the Government's emphasis on cultural industries, as well as the urgent demand of domestic market for key technologies, core components, Ministry of science and technology started "pen key materials and preparation technology and industrialization" project, the implementation of the project for the technological development of Chinese stationery industry has created a rare opportunity and key technology for the stationery industry, domestic production of core components and lay a solid foundation.

Faced with a wide variety of stationery, consumer choice is also increasing, the influx of foreign competitors will also make the market competitive pressure increasing as competition has intensified, the stationery industry should actively take the initiative through a variety of efforts to achieve brand breakthrough.

Stationery needs yearly inducted GM, and stationery products quality upgrade, and capital expansion increased, and enterprise between cooperation in increased, trend features for has strength of large stationery Enterprise for, is a good, dang this class big enterprise conform to has this development trend, only will gradually do strong big, for small stationery Enterprise for, products quality Shang may exists gap, cooperation opportunities relative more less, more alone capital operation has, so, in stationery industry constantly development progress among, small enterprise survival environment will more hard, Powerful enterprises to use better stationery and trend analysis of the development of enterprises, and for small and medium enterprises, only dogged transformation and upgrading in order to spell out a place in the stationery industry.