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A Brief Introduction To A Diamond Pen
- Jul 29, 2017 -

A brief introduction to a diamond pen

Essential information

1. a line pen used to identify diamonds and oily ink, using the difference in the surface tension between diamonds and their imitations.

First polish and Zhandian wipe the big sample over, with the pen vertically on the surface quickly draw a straight line, in 2 to 10 times the magnifying glass observation, a straight line, if the line is continuous is diamond; if the line is not continuous, like along a series of small shot the stroke is arranged, imitation diamond.

The bottom and end of the stone must be tested separately to prevent the combination of stones.

2. diamonds, pens, etc.

Principle function

1. thermal conductivity instrument is designed according to the thermal conductivity of diamond. It is an electronic instrument specially used to distinguish the true and false of diamonds

2., the instrument for precision electronic instruments, the use of the environment is 5-35 degrees Celsius, air relative humidity at 80%.

3. tested gemstones must be clean, dry and at room temperature.[1]

Technical characteristics

1. pocket portable handheld

2. nondestructive testing, easy and accurate operation

3. power supply: DC9V battery

4. size: 160*40*22mm weight: About 110g

The principle is based on the different thermal conductivity of diamonds and various kinds of imitation diamonds. The instrument is used to distinguish natural diamonds from various kinds of diamonds

Very convenient with leather case and a 9V battery

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