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An Analysis Of Four Broad Categories Of Development Trend Of Stationery
- Aug 19, 2015 -

With the development of Chinese stationery industry, stationery industry matured and expanded at the same time, technology has also greatly improved. But unlike Europe, Japan and other countries compared to manufacturing technology, public design, product development, and also has some gaps. From stationery and trend of recent years, we can see stationery development overall has increased, mainly in the stationery on the trend of development of four classification:

Stationery multifunction

Stationery with single function differ, in recent years, in order to attract consumer attention. Stationery design and more "tall", and in the Office supplies, one of the most "functional" effects are combined, electronic stationery. They break the traditional stationery conventional product image, free, flexible, changeable, has the characteristics of use of a product. Combinations of stationery, as well as more features, you can also save space, people enjoying the fun Office at the same time easy to harvest and practical function.