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Are Metal Pens Allowed On Planes
- Apr 21, 2018 -

The pen can be taken on the plane.

Can't take:

1. A deterrent instrument

Guns, military or police implements and control knives, which can not be checked or carried, will only be confiscated, as we all know.

2. Inflammable, explosive goods

Inflammable and explosive materials such as lighters, firecrackers, fireworks, alcohol and so on are obviously neither portable nor consignable.

3. Other prohibited goods stipulated by the state

In addition to the above items, the embargo, restricted articles and dangerous goods stipulated by the state and airlines can not be carried with sound or checked baggage.

4. Tea drinks

Tea drinks are not allowed to carry on the plane. When entering the security check, the liquid must be poured out.

Tips: of course, a small amount of alcohol can not carry on the aircraft, only to check.

5, fruit knife

A fruit knife with a knife blade not exceeding 6cm can only be checked by luggage and not portable.

6. Cell phone battery

Mobile phone batteries can only be carried in mobile phones, but not checked by luggage.

7. Cosmetics

For women, the requirements for cosmetics are also very strange. Cosmetics with a capacity of more than 100ml suggest that cosmetics be checked in luggage.

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