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Chinese Stationery Industry Channels To Promote And Brand Building
- Aug 19, 2015 -

Disadvantages of the old distribution model allows manufacturers the benefits of manufacturers full zoom. Relationship between producers and distributors to stay in simple trade relationship, lack of strategic cooperation between both sides, the results lead to not butt both sides, common brands on the market cannot be achieved the target. Channel change meaning lies in between "simple profit" to "strategic partnership". Has long, stationery manufacturers are relies on stationery dealer, and wholesalers to sales products, however stationery dealer (retailers) of profit low and the brand consciousness weaker led to good of cannot better, also proved traditional dealer forever cannot Dan up set manufacturers brand this a task, because they of concept is business sales best sold of products, bad sold of is not promotion, led to they cannot to manufacturers for full series of products promotion and brand show, and manufacturers to highlights himself of brand characteristics, eventually reached profit high additional growth, You must promote the full range of products, rather than a single product. So this problem cannot be solved in a short time.

For currently mainstream of several class office supplies circulation, as stationery shop, and Mall supermarket, and dealer and large stationery chain, seems to they hard bear this big any, anti-views stationery wholesale market: is obviously, traditional paper wholesale market also has environment enough good, and management enough in place, publicity weak, problem, these not for competition pattern and enterprise growth rules of way, eventually also will faced innovation. But to currently weizhi, no obviously of phenomenon told we, stationery wholesale market in recession, instead, many stationery production enterprise when is from paper batch in development grow up of, reality can see, stationery wholesale market is from large of stationery wholesale market gradually evolution into has China features of King type office stationery retail stores, inside of scattered tenants also gradually into all Office supplies manufacturers established proprietary flagship type show shop, eventually will development became manufacturers Zhijian directly contest of places.