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Common Sense Of Ball Point Pen
- Aug 19, 2017 -

Common sense of ball point pen

1, the pen than ordinary pen strong and durable, but if the use of improper custody, often unable to write words, mainly because of dry solid ink oil bonding around the steel ball, impede the flow of ink. Ink is a kind of viscous oil, with linseed oil and synthetic pine oil (containing terpene alcohols), mineral oil (oil and other mineral fractionation from oil), hard rubber into smoke and modulation into.

2, in the use of the ballpoint pen, don't write in the oil, wax paper, or oil, wax embedded ball border copper bowl influence within the ink and write the word, but also to avoid the impact and exposure to the pen, not good with the gloves and cap, to avoid the bad type and a pen refill the oil spill and pollution objects. In case of cold or prolonged use. The pen out of oil, can be written into warm water to soak for a while and then move on the paper to write the word nib.

3, the ball point pen has a big drawback: it writes out at first very clear, but it can not stand the test of time, for a long time, the handwriting will slowly blurred. This is because the ink for ballpoint pens is made from dyes and castor oil. Oil is different from water. It is not easy to dry. After a long time, oil will slowly soak on the paper, and the writing will become blurred. Therefore, the ball point pen can only be used as an ordinary writing pen. If you want to keep your handwriting for long, you need a pen. [4]

4, such as 90 pen pen landing, touch the ground, it will not damage the ball pen, but if the edge bumps, "Maoyou" phenomenon, so will this gap is serious, the ball will fall off, the difficulty of writing phenomenon.

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