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How To Eliminate The Ballpoint Brush On The Leather Sofa?
- Jan 19, 2019 -

Ball pen is a writing tool which uses dry and thick ink and transfers it to paper by means of free-rotating steel balls on the pen head. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient carrying, writing lubrication and suitable for copying.

How to eliminate the ballpoint brush on the leather sofa?

It can be dissolved by organic solvents. Ball pen prints are oils and fats. They can be dissolved by using similar soluble properties of organic solvents, spraying gasoline or alcohol. For example, alcohol.

Alcohol is best obtained. Flower dew or wind oil can be used, but the concentration is low. Apply it to the stain, then sit still for a while and erase it. If the ballpoint pen leaves a heavy mark, repeat the steps until the mark is removed.

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