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The classification of notebook
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Notebook home can generally classify notebook computers into 4 categories: business, fashion, multimedia and special purpose.

1. business type: the characteristics of business type notebook are generally mobile, long battery life, good workmanship, sturdy and durable, stable and balanced [outstanding representative ThinkPad series notebook].

2. fashion type: the features of the fashion type notebook are generally graceful, fashionable and individualized. [the outstanding representative is the SONY and the apple notebook].

3. multimedia application type: the features of the multimedia application type notebook are generally strong in configuration, excellent in visual and audio effects, good in graphics, and in larger screen, with a prominent representation of more than 15 inches and a notebook with high strength.

4. special purpose type: special purpose type notebook is to serve the professional person, can be used in the bad environment such as cold, cold, low pressure, war and so on, more heavy, and very expensive [outstanding representative is military notebook].

In addition, the notebooks used by the students are mainly used for education and entertainment, and also require high cost performance; the fever class Ben enthusiasts not only pursue high quality but also have high requirements for the complete equipment interface.

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