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Our HongKong MEGA SHOW Exhibition In 20th-23th Oct 2017
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Mention Hong Kong exhibitors, this is my first long time far away in his hometown work and life, really very rare and fortunate. It is a good opportunity to hone, not only enrich my work experience, but also exercise my life in a foreign land as soon as possible to adapt to the environment and the ability to communicate between people. First, in international trade, the importance of language. In such a short period of time came into contact with a lot of friends from all corners of the globe, listening to different languages brought about by the different languages of the country tastes, from people from different countries in the conversation, I deeply appreciate the school and learn to communicate in English important Sex, but also feel the world in fact so small, no can not do things can not think of. Second, to participate in international exhibitions, the company's overall development plays a decisive role. Because the international exhibition, the exhibition companies and companies are holding a very clear attitude that is hoping to the world, to participate in international competition, to meet all aspects of the challenge, the only way the company will grow faster, constantly self Perfect and improve, to climb one after another peak. And visit the people who have a certain professional knowledge of the traders, trying to find opportunities for mutual cooperation, mutual benefit and common progress, after all, the exhibition is a different company between the exchange and mutual learning and learn from each other, each business are Have their own strength to show the side, of course, there are many shortcomings, so that the whole exhibition is a self-affirmation and reflection of the process. Third, in this exhibition in Hong Kong, let me feel very deep is the attitude of communication between people must be sincere and friendly, in fact, is the importance of a business integrity management. Through this exhibition, our team's response skills and business knowledge have been improved and improved at the show encountered in the various problems, but also broaden our knowledge, from which to learn, comprehend a lot of conversation to decide. From another aspect also reflects our knowledge of the product is not solid enough, the understanding of the industry is not deep enough. So in the future work to strengthen the study of product technology to develop more new products. In general, through this exhibition, we expanded the visibility and influence of our company, but also let us understand the market, understand the peer, recognize their own. So I Division in the future development to overcome the shortcomings, avoid weaknesses, create better performance! We look forward to the next show, I believe will be better