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Stationery Product Innovation Should Be The Key To Reversing The Inversion
- Aug 19, 2015 -

With the development of market economy in China, the stationery industry the market environment has changed, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In recent years, the stationery industry, "homogeneity" and more serious, wave of products designed for copying is also prevalent, these are serious obstacles to the normal development of the stationery industry. Facing a series of business, more and more companies are beginning to think "creative" question, and it also became the first class of stationery business challenges.

Stationery industry is competition in the market, technology and product is the essence of competition, but also the best embodiment of enterprises ' innovation capability. If companies simply have to expand production and sales of the product, and don't strive to product innovation, enhance the added value of stationery products, enterprises will be eliminated by the market. How optimal productive structure is every stationery manufacturers must now confront the issue.

Stationery enterprises, innovation and not talk, shouting slogans on the line. On one hand, with the rapid social development, people's material and cultural living standards increased, people on the requirements of stationery products is constantly changing, and individual needs of more and more obvious. The other hand, the prevalence of many marketing, consumers ' overall fitness and rational has been greatly improved, "concept" innovation may attract consumers, but consumers are not fools, no actual innovative product, the enterprise is unable to retain the hearts of consumers.

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