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Stationery Products Market: Explosive Growth Industry Outlook Bright
- Aug 19, 2015 -

At present, the market of stationery in China with annual sales of more than 100 billion yuan, and more than 20% a year of rapid growth, the stationery of a commodity-fuelled shopping market is developing quickly. With China economic of continued high-speed development, especially services of quickly development, people increasingly focused on efficiency, Office "6S management" and enterprise image management concept gradually universal, enterprises and family, and personal on file of beautiful, and clean, and confidentiality requirements increasingly high, people General pursuit comfortable, and happy of Office environment, stationery consumption concept constantly update, residents income increased makes stationery consumption continued increased, China stationery industry faced consumption needs quickly upgrade of history opportunities, Stationery market demand in macro-economy, driven by explosive growth, rapid expansion of the market and industry Outlook bright.

High-end development office staff and students are two the backbone of consumption of stationery, in which enterprises are the main purchase of office stationery unit. With China's economy booming, enterprises and cultural consumption in the developed coastal provinces escalated, stationery consumer spending to the upscale development. The Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the consumption of each of the three areas of Beijing Office supplies total consumption accounts for more than 50%. Central provinces, Northeast China enterprises also increased the demand for affordable stationery. National consumption structure of multi-level office stationery are formed. With the increasing emphasis on corporate image, an increasing number of large enterprise groups and administrative institutions tend directly to the custom stationery stationery manufacturers, forming a group purchasing and consumption market of enormous potential. Our students and trainees of about 300 million people, as household income increases and an increase in disposable income of students, school stationery market are growing rapidly, presents the stylish, functional diversity, hierarchical structure, scale a wide range of features.