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Stationery Wholesale Market For Traditional Somehow Cold
- Aug 19, 2015 -

Large wholesale market

Intense competition makes the traditional stationery wholesale market tired, lifeless. In some traditional sales of stationery in the stationery shop, often do not call on the name of kitchen supplies, wholesale shop business is generally bad. Merchant boss Chen admitted that as the market opened around most places started to built a large wholesale market, the birth of these large scale wholesale market, attracting goods retailers, with more convenient to purchase traditional stationery wholesale market is even more deserted.

"Weathervane" under pressure

As an industry barometer of the economy – the exhibition industry also brings a certain amount of pressure to stationery wholesalers. With the development of industry, exhibition development and maturity, these events give hundreds of domestic well-known stationery brands more platform to broaden the market. Major stationery brands is no longer actively looking for buyers in the traditional market, and brand manufacturers are gradually with the stationery chain stores, supermarkets and other retail trade reached cooperation intentions. With the operation of the high-class brand products stores, and professional market more and more, traditional wholesale market will gradually weaken.