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Structure And Principle Of Ball Point Pen
- Aug 19, 2017 -

Structure and principle of ball point pen

The writing principle of a ball point pen is mainly the use of ball beads in writing and paper

Contact friction, the ball is rolling on the tee, carried out within the ink cartridge or ink to achieve the purpose of writing.

A ballpoint pen is a pen written in ink with different pigments. The nib is a small ball, the small ball embedded in a small cylindrical copper bowl, after the plastic pipe is connected with the ink, the ink with the ball rotated by four about under.

The pigment of ball point pen ink is dye. There are three main colors of ink: blue, red and black, of which blue ink is the most used. In the past the blue pigment ink is blue and violet base base, solvent is the oxidation of castor oil, castor oil. As the base dye is not light (light resistance only 1 class -2), non heat, acid and poor resistance, so poor durability, has now been eliminated. The "424" blue ballpoint pen and "322" black ballpoint pen are sold on the market. The writing with it is better in durability.

Fragrance ballpoint pen toxic volatile organic compounds reported It is often seen., inferior fragrant stationery contained toxic, have certain harm to the body; but I haven't heard from normal use without adding volatile organic compounds and ball pen poisoning.

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