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The Detailed Process Of Making Rose Pens
- Jul 29, 2017 -

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The detailed process of making rose pens

1. prepare the ingredients first: ribbons, refills, and transparent tapes

2. cut a section of 220CM and a long 40CM ribbon down

3. tie 220CM long ribbons with a knot

4. hold the end with your hand and continue tying with the rest of the ribbons

5., until the end of the ribbon, the end of the ribbon should be tied with a thin ribbon, so that the roses are ready

6. the rose flower stalk into flowers.

7. now, split the 40CM long ribbons in half, fix it on the cartridge with a scotch tape, and wrap the ribbon around the cartridge. The end was also secured with scotch tape, and a rose pen was finished.

Matters needing attention

When the flower knot makes the petal, the hand cannot exert too much, must have the fluffy feeling. The flowers will look good in this way.

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