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What Is A Good Pen Recommendation For Writing Experience?
- Nov 28, 2017 -

What is a good pen recommendation for writing experience?

Water pen, also commonly called water-based ballpoint pen (Roller ball pens), the use of dye ink, which is soluble in water soluble dye, ink form. The neutral pen (gel pen) is different, using the pigment ink, it is water insoluble pigment particles suspended in a gel (gel) formed in the matrix ink ink. The water pen and the neutral pen are different as the matrix is different, so the use characteristics are also different. For water pen, writing smooth smooth water outlet is the biggest feature, so the boss must be water pen pen. Of course, because it is the pen water pigment matrix, so it is lack of waterproof sunscreen, two defects when writing, the most obvious is the "change" and "transparent", you carefully reading and writing lines, often along the fiber of the paper diffusion, saying that "", and at the same time if in the light of the paper, it is easy to make the paper through to the paper behind, only one side writing.

Neutral pen this thing, because the matrix is a gel (gel), is not like a water pen so smoothly without restraint, and unlike the ball pen so thick, so at the time of writing, between the smooth degree of water between the pen and the pen. Of course, because of the combination of gel+ pigment, so waterproof sunscreen performance is much better than neutral pen pen, if you have unfortunately knocked over the cup on the paper, will deeply appreciate both a world of difference. Under the large category of the neutral pen, there are also many choices. Although the domestic 1 yuan less than or even 0.5 yuan of neutral pen can also be used, but really pursue, and have to choose in Japanese neutral pen. MITSUBISHI and Bai Le are undoubtedly the two giants, and there are many good pens and zebras.

Hold a pen is made of alpha-gel, holding the extremely soft. However, the appearance of the 207GG is good, the price of 30 yuan Taobao still acceptable, but have to say that MITSUBISHI used collocation 207GG refills than his ace MITSUBISHI UM-100 is smooth, write up there is always a jerky feeling. Enjoy writing feeling with the P500 or MITSUBISHI 207GG Park, enjoy the Wobi feeling, this is in Yudu to become the choice of obstacle Libra I tangled for a long time. Fortunately, the high point of advice made me solve the problem. Must say Japanese pen manufacturer still has some compatible consciousness, so sent through LRN5 can be installed and used to send through LRN5 is also a famous writing smooth refill in the MITSUBISHI 207GG, the waterproof although not like MITSUBISHI refill water completely, but also far better than G2 Tupper. The general is an acceptable option.


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