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Why Do Germany Use Ballpoint Pens More Than A Neutral Pen At Home?
- Feb 28, 2018 -

Why do Germany use ballpoint pens more than a neutral pen at home?

The two answer:

1, writing content and habit difference in China and Germany

2, pen and pen difference solves the above two problems, I believe there is a certain answer, the first question: Germany (under refers to Europe and the United States) is the angle between the pen and paper writing habit formation, and the pursuit of extreme writing smooth, because they are mainly written English letters! There were significant differences between the Chinese writing, writing a big angle (you can imagine the ancestors passed down Yan calligraphy writing angle, the serious degree of 85-90) at the same time we write the Chinese characters, strokes cumbersome, most do not need the kind of writing at pleasure (Hang Yun water's cursive script). The above two differences are mainly explained: the angle of writing and the fluency of writing, then why can these two kinds of pens be applied separately?

The second question: the difference between the two kinds of pens.

Let us talk about the pen, metal pen nib front (known as written), the front end of round beads rolling (known as ball), we will write a ballpoint pen pen measuring a first angle, this angle is small, we can write with the smaller writing angle is not easy there is a scratching phenomenon, and this angle with the bead size is linear, the pen ball size is generally greater than or equal to 0.7mm (1, 1.2, 0.4, of course, is also very common, but also has 0.5, so it needs few) you can also write the beginning point is relatively small. In line with European and American countries generally pen writing was low for the habit, and the ball along the smooth degree of slip is much better than the small, in addition to a smooth writing with related factors important degree of ink, the ink pen is oily kind (you can imagine the effect of lubrication).

In contrast, neutral pen, neutral pen ball universal in 0.4-0.5mm, 0.5 of the most common, which determines its early writing angle, we use a more upright refill writing angle is more is not easy to scratch paper (written), if the same is oily ink the smoothness to 0.5 no 0.7, 1, 1.2 a comfortable and smooth, but the main component is the ink pen (of course there are water-based lubricant), so the more can not and oily smoothness than the class. The above shows that ball ball has big ball angle, small angle, ink slip, neutral pen ball small, big angle, and ink is not slippery. The problem is 1. Why don't we use the pen with big ball in neutral, so Europe and America can't? As for the neutral ink, it's 10 times as big as he is normal to oily (such as 0.7mm 100m row ball pen ink lines, reduce the 20mg, but also 0.7mm to neutral pen ball equally drawn 100m lines, reduce the ink basic in more than 150mg, if it was) do the pen is also with 0.7 ball then boss to ink a pen core was much better, if you write a composition of about 800 words to two pen core, who does not know what the students would like to use it at the same time, large neutral pen ball stitch thick, coarse far in the pen, if you write Chinese characters with large ball, can imagine ah (office space requirements, no end of trouble for the future more, almost hit the paper, the back also easy to penetrate), that is because it is oily ink pen class doomed his only harvest Take a big pen to get ink flowing (of course, it's related to the viscosity and writing principle of ink), and neutral ink, because of its particularity, it can only use small beads to achieve good writing effect. The question has come to 2, so why don't the Chinese people do not use the oil to do the ball beads of the pen, so that the Chinese people can not use the neutral pen? Of course, the neutral pen ballpoint pen is mainly relative to the above mentioned, the size effect is good in writing which is on the one hand, the other pen shortcomings of the "heaven" good answer, when a ball point pen is easy to pen ink, for the people of Europe and the United States are writing coherence, but for Chinese characters, the effect is not good.

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