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Why Does Everyone Think Pen Can Practice Calligraphy, And General Pen, Ballpoint Pen Calligraphy Can Not?
- Feb 28, 2018 -

Why does everyone think pen can practice calligraphy, and general pen, ballpoint pen calligraphy can not?

There is a difference between the tip of the pen and the tip of the pen. The former relies on the friction with the paper, and the beads of the pen tip roll out of the ink. Small friction with paper, not easy to grasp the strength, and difficult to form the effect of brush strokes

The pencil can cause calligraphy, calligraphy can not automatic pencil, I think is still a difference. Although they are all pencils, there should be other chemical additives in the core of an automatic pencil, which is much harder than ordinary pencils. Common pencils are soft 2B pencils.

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