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Will You Ballpoint Strokes?
- May 18, 2018 -

Ballpoint pens are mostly blue, black, red, and green. Multi-colored ballpoint pen strokes are extended by the color of pens. At present, foreign colored ballpoint strokes are more prominent, and there are plenty of domestic painting enthusiasts. The ballpoint pen has a low threshold, but because of the indelible nature of ballpoint pens, ballpoint strokes need basic painting skills. For beginners, you can go to Baidu ballpoint strokes, ballpoint strokes forums, ballpoint strokes, learn exchanges, and see more. In the works, Linyi is a good way to learn.

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Regular works of paper use about 250g of watercolor paper, according to the ballpoint pen's performance style, the picture should not be too large. Sketchbooks and sketchbooks are great choices for beginners and exercisers. The back of the cardboard can also be used. For beginners, paper that is too smooth and too rough should not be used.



The ballpoint pen used by the artist is also an ordinary ballpoint pen. It is cheap, easy to buy, and easy to replace with a refill. Due to the small audience and the long-term backlog of special products, ballpoint pens are not suitable for painting.

The feel of the ballpoint pen, or the lines, varies according to different pens: some are rough, lines are intermittent, and the picture is rough and vicissitudes; some are fresh and moist, the lines are smooth, and the picture is clean and fresh. How to choose depends on the specific circumstances. In general, the ballpoint pens commonly used for painting are blue, black, and color, and red is rare, because the red screen makes it difficult for people to feel tired.



Oil spill

Since the ballpoint pen's pen ink is semi-fluid, the ball will be dragged for a long time and it will accumulate superimposed ink. If it cannot be hung up, it will leave a big oil on the paper, which often affects the cleanliness of the screen.

The solution is diligence. Prepare toilet paper with your left hand, or wipe the exposed oil onto another ready-to-use paper. Or if you need dark areas in the picture, the increased color depth is not achieved by the strokes, and you can add texture effects.



Ballpoint pen painting mainly depends on the foundation of fine arts. You can also make the shape of the dark part first, and then paint the gray part, bright part, and then slowly describe the part.

In the drawing of colored ball-point strokes, one is to add a black background first, and then add other colors, so that the painting is efficient and fast; the other is a partial painting, there is no order of color, so that the screen is colorful and durable.

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